• Math for REALTORS (great for beginners)
  • Safety and Security Workshop
  • Business Plan Workshop
  • Refresher Classes
  • ​Understanding the Far/Bar Contract
  • FlexMLS software training - Workshops
  • Tutoring
  • Business Writing
  • Custom Classes

License Numbers

Colby School has 3 Licensed Instructors

The Colby School of Real Estate is approved by DRE permit # ZH1002557

Cliff Colby, Instructor License # ZH1003273

Karen Harden, Instructor #ZH1003445

Joan Burnett, Instructor #ZH1003472

About Us

Night Classes Now Available

Next Pre-License Night Class Starts June 3

Next Night POST-Lic Night Class - Apr 22 & Aug 5

Earn your Real Estate License on Monday/Wednesday nights plus Saturdays.  Colby School Instructor, Joan Burnett will be teaching night school classes.  Classes will be held from 6 pm - 9 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 8 am-5 pm on Saturday.  Please click on the calendar for class dates.  This 63 Hour course is designed to prepare you for the State administered Real Estate test for Sales Associates.

The Colby School of Real Estate was founded on the belief that learning to sell Real Estate can bring financial rewards and personal growth.


Understanding Real Estate brings you closer to the way things work. You'll touch the lives of those you help to sell their home and help others find a house that they will turn into a home.  You'll be an independent captain sailing your ship into the bright future.  Set yourself apart from the work a day world and embark upon your Real Estate Career.  You can do it.


Our Instructor:  Cliff Colby is a Licensed Florida Real Estate Instructor, Licensed Real Estate Broker, and Business Broker. Aside from Real Estate, Cliff Colby also has expertise in math, business writing, and technical sciences.  Cliff has been teaching all over the world since 1996.   read more